Are you prepared for the

Do you have an Emergency Kit?
Do you have enough drinking water stored?
Do you have a Gas Valve Wrench?
Do you know how to use the Gas wrench?
Do you know where to find your flashlights (with batteries)?
Do you have a fire extinguisher and does everyone know how to use one?
Do you have a First Aid Kit?
Do you have enough food stored?
Do you have an extra supply of needed medications and do you know how to store them?
Do you have any pets that you need to prepare for?
Make sure emergency supplies are located in a safe and readily available place.
Make sure everyone in your family knows where these supplies are and how to use them.
Make sure they are kept up to date.
Make sure that batteries and fire extinguisher are in date and fully charged.
Do you have a plan to reunite with loved ones?